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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • International Cerebral Palsy Society

  • Rescare

    Promotes the welfare of the mentally handicapped in all types of residential care
  • Thera Trust

    Thera Trust is a charity that supports adults with a Learning Disability and any other needs arising from physical, sensory disability or mental ill-health. We provide support on a regular basis from 24/7 to community support with fully trained staff. We also run short break centres offering...
  • UK Sports Association for People with Learning Disability

    The UK Sports Association For People with Learning Disability (UKSA) is the national charity supported by the UK Sport (formerly the UK Sports Council), which co-ordinates, promotes and develops sport for people with learning disability at UK and international level.
  • US Network / All Wales User & Survivor Network

    The US Network is one of Wales' largest independent Mental Health System User/Survivor-led organisations. With over 700 members from all over Wales, the US Network aims to provide an effective voice for mental health system users and survivors. The Network is involved in the following activities....
  • User Guide to the Mental Health Act

    The above site provides a web-based user guide to the Mental Health Act.
  • Values into Action

  • Wingate Special Children's Trust

    The Wingate Centre aims to enrich the lifestyle of people with mental or physical disabilities by providing gymnastic, educational and recreational facilities for all ages and all levels of disability. They have two areas of operation: Gymnasium specialising in disabilities. Holiday centre...
  • Worster-Drought Syndrome Support Group

    To offer support to other families affected by Worster-Drought Syndrome. To raise awareness of Worster-Drought Syndrome with professional workers and other interested individuals. To raise awareness of Worster-Drought Syndrome Support Group. Support and promotion of any research into...
  • Youreable.com

    Youreable.com, winner of the Channel 4 eMillionaire Show, is a one-stop Internet site that disabled people, carers, family and friends can turn to for information, products and services. The site has integrated and continues to integrate, all the most useful information for the disabled in one...