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Self Help Groups

  • Gulf Veterans Association

    Gulf War syndrome is the title given by the media to Gulf War related illnesses: there are several possible causes and a range of symptoms. The Gulf Veterans Association was formed at the end of November 1994 by veterans of the Gulf War, to support and act for all veterans and their families of...
  • Gut Reaction

    Self-help support group for sufferers of emetophobia, a fear of vomiting. Online forum available.

    postnatal illness support for mothers and families in Highland area [scotland].

    Support/ info/on postnatal illness to mothers and families in Highland region scotland .
  • Headlight

    Headlight is a self help and support group for people with depression in sunderland. At the group you will recieve help,support,reasurance,encouragement, understanding listening ear and information on ways of coping with depression. You are able to express your self in a non judgemental...
  • Help Overcome Panic Effects Ltd

    Self-help group dedicated to the relief of panic disorder and other anxiety related conditions.
  • Hesley Group

    The Hesley Group is an independent organisation providing residential care, education, vocational training and therapeutic services for people with complex behaviours, severe learning difficulties, autism or Asperger Syndrome and similar conditions. Their mission is to enhance the lives of the...
  • Hinckley mind

    Hinckley Mind is a local Mind group dedicated to helping peaple diagnosed as suffering from a mental illness, or in personal distress.
  • International Stress Management Association UK

  • Jewish Association for the Mentally III (JAMI)

    Offers guidance, advice and support for sufferers and their carers.