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Breast Cancer Haven

Organisation name
Breast Cancer Haven
Being diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing treatment affects a patient both physically and emotionally. Breast Cancer Haven offers a free programme of care to support patients and their families during this time. Staffed by a specialist team, Havens are welcoming day centres providing support, information and complementary therapies before, during or after medical treatment. Working alongside the NHS and other healthcare professionals, Havens provide integrated breast cancer care where conventional and complementary medicine work together to heal both the body and the mind.
Anyone with breast cancer can visit a Haven for support, information and complementary therapies. Visitors are encouraged to bring a supporter with them on the first day of the Haven Introduction Workshop. Family or friends can also access the support of a Haven counsellor.

The programme includes:-

An individual consultation with a senior therapist to agree a personalized programme of care.
A Haven Introduction Workshop to provide information, practical ways to help visitors cope and an understanding of the complementary therapies. The workshop consists of up to 12 people and visitors are encouraged to bring a supporter along to the first day.
12 individual therapy consultations to help visitors both physically and emotionally including counselling, nutritional advice and a range of hands-on therapies which can help alleviate symptoms and side effects of treatment.
Groups and classes where visitors receive ongoing support and develop coping skills to enhance a healthy lifestyle.
Review with a senior therapist to discuss any new or outstanding concerns and to offer continued help or referral to outside agencies if necessary.
Lymphoedema awareness classes in which they cover the steps their visitors can take to minimize the risk of developing lymphoedema.

Street address
Effie Road
Main Phone No
020 7384 0099 or (The Hereford Haven): 01432 361 061
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