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Breast Implant Information Society - BIIS

Organisation name
Breast Implant Information Society - BIIS
Women who have, or are considering breast implants can obtain a wealth of literature and first hand advice from The Breast Implant Information Society (BIIS).

The BIIS is the only organisation of its kind, dedicated to providing independent, comprehensive and up to date information on breast implants and related surgery.

In addition to operating a telephone helpline, the BIIS publishes "The Ultimate Cleavage" - a fully comprehensive 100,000 word self help manual covering every aspect of breast implant surgery in a practical no-nonsense way.

The BIIS is a self supporting organisation funded solely by membership subscriptions. For a modest annual subscription BIIS members enjoy the benefit of an annual newsletter keeping them up to date with all the latest news. Members can also make contact with hundreds of implanted women across the UK.
Street address
Highway Farm
Horsley Road
KT11 3JZ
Web Addresswww.biis.org
Main Phone No
07041 471 225
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