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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • Breastfeeding Network

    The Breastfeeding Network aims to be an independent source of support and information for breastfeeding women and others. It also aims to develop an increased awareness of current research on infant feeding and work towards creating a society which affirms the right of all women to breastfeed their...
  • Bristol Crisis Service for Women

    The Bristol Crisis Service for Women is a national charity that offers support to women and girls, with a particular focus on self-injury, (often called self-harm). We provide support through their confidential helpline, text and email services. We provide training to people working with...
  • Bure Clinic

    The Bure Clinic is a genito-urinary clinic within the James Paget Healthcare NHS Trust in Norfolk. It offers local services but has a useful website with information on sexually transmissible infections including the following. HIV/AIDS Genital warts Herpes simplex Gonorrhoea Chlamydia...
  • Cancerkin Centre

    Cancerkin is a breast cancer charity. Its activities include the following: One-to-one support by trained volunteer visitors with personal experience of breast cancer Group support meetings Massage, reflexology and reiki 'Look Good - Feel Better' programme Lymphoedema clinic by hospital...
  • CareConfidential

    CareConfidential (a network of independent, affiliated centres throughout the UK) offers a national free phone helpline which provides confidential counselling to anyone facing pregnancy or post abortion concerns - whatever their age, beliefs background or circumstances. Their services are also...
  • Centre for Pregnancy Nutrition

    The Centre for Pregnancy Nutrition provides information on nutrition during pregnancy to pregnant women and those planning pregnancy who have concerns about any aspects of their diet and possible effects on the outcome of their pregnancy. Its services are also available to others including health...
  • Clocktower Project

    Girls' and young women's support.
  • Contura Belle

    Contura Belle is a key component in the mail order business of Thämert (UK) Ltd. Contura Belle specialise in supplying types of prostheses, bras, swimwear and accessories to women who have had a mastectomy. Thämert's service has the following features: Large stocks of products maintained....
  • Cystitis and Candida

    Through books, leaflet, video, lectures, counselling, media interest, we teach prevention and management of these miserable problems.
  • Daisy Network Premature Menopause Support group

    support group for women n their teens, twenties and thirties who have undegone a menopause; HRT, egg donation