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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • DES Action UK

    DES Action UK aims to support those women and men who have been exposed to diethylstilbestrol (DES) in utero. The diagnosis is often made following miscarriage where DES has caused fertility problems and such women can obtain relevant advice. DES can rarely cause clear cell carcinoma and a number...
  • Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

    The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust aims to raise awareness of ectopic pregnancy and to offer support to those affected by this condition. The Trust is engaged in the following activities. Support and information via a telephone helpline. A listening ear is given by women who have experienced an...
  • Endometriosis SHE Trust (UK)

    User-led national charity for girls and women with endometriosis, plus their carers, family and friends, along with medical and complementary practitioners.
  • Endometriosis Society

  • Endometriosis UK

    “Endometriosis affects some 2 million UK women, often physically, personally and financially. The impact of the disease varies and our mission is to improve the lives of people affected by endometriosis and work towards a future where endometriosis has the least possible impact on those living...
  • Fertility UK

    Information on all aspects of fertility awareness. This can be used for planning or avoiding pregnancy (natural family planning). See the web site for comprehensive information, details of local NHS fertility awareness clinics, and training for health professionals.
  • Fibroid Network Online

    Fibroid Network Online is a support group which aims to help link patients, doctors, researchers and other support groups. The objectives of the charity are to raise awareness of fibroids and treatments for this condition, especially alternatives to hysterectomy.
  • Fibroids Embolisation Website

    A website giving information regarding the surgical treatment of fibroids in the UK by uterine artery embolisation - an alternative to hysterectomy and myomectomy.
  • Fitness League

    The Fitness League is a fitness organisation with over 180 women teachers trained by the Fitness League who are part of a world-wide network. Classes consist of low-impact, rhythmic, continuous movement to music and are available to women of all ages and abilities. Classes are often recommended by...
  • Foresight

    Preconceptual care, infertility, miscarriage etc