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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • Group B Strep Support

    Group B strep is the most common cause of life-threatening infections in newborn babies and these infections are mostly preventable. Group B Strep Support is a national charity which provides information for parents and health professionals on GBS and it's prevention in newborn babies. We also...
  • Hebron Trust

    Hebron Trust is a Christian charity providing residential treatment and aftercare support for women with serious drug and alcohol problems. The service is client focussed, working towards abstinence, based on the importance of healthy relationships, including the 12 Steps in a small supportive...
  • Home Birth Reference Site

    The aim of this website is not to persuade you to choose home birth. It aims to provide information about home birth, for parents who think that it might be the right choice for them, and for health professionals looking for facts and ideas.
  • Hysterectomy Association

    The Hysterectomy Association aims to provide clear, concise information about hysterectomy and related issues for women undergoing, or planning to undergo, surgery. The intention is to ensure that women make informed choices about their surgery which enables an appropriate relationship with their...
  • Independent Midwives Association

    The Independent Midwives Association exists for the dissemination of information about, and support for, independent midwives, and to lobby for the traditional role of the midwife. Independent midwives are fully qualified midwives who, in order to practice the midwife's role to its fullest...
  • Jessica's Trust

    Jessica's Trust aims to raise awareness of childbed fever (puerperal fever or puerperal sepsis). Childbed fever is an infection of the womb in new mothers which can lead to septicaemia (blood poisoning). Childbed fever infections are rare, but they can happen to anybody, and can be fatal. The...
  • Jewish Women's Aid

    The Jewish Women's Aid provides a nationwide telephone counselling and referral service for Jewish women. The organisation also campaigns to increase awareness about domestic violence towards Jewish women.
  • Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust - Cervical Cancer Community

    Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust is the UK's only cervical cancer charity dedicated to women, their families and friends affected by cervical abnormalities and cervical cancer. Their web site http://www.jostrust.org.uk offers information which is written or reviewed by medical professionals about...
  • Lifeline - Pregnancy Counselling and Care

    Lifeline is a charity which runs a drop-in centre at the above address. Lifeline offers the following services: Anyone facing a problem or unplanned pregnancy can get a free pregnancy test and free counselling. Professionally trained counsellors can help a pregnant woman to consider carefully...
  • Long Tall Sally

    Long Tall Sally is a company which sells clothing and accessories designed for tall women. There are shops in various locations and a mail order service. The aim is to provide well-cut, affordable clothes in contemporary styles, specially proportioned for tall women.