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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • D I Network

    This is a network of parents with children conceived by donor insemination (DI) and those contemplating or undergoing treatment.
  • DABS - Directory and Book Service

    DABS is an independent organisation which provides the following: A confidential mail-order service for books on sexual abuse, childhood abuse and related issues. Telephone information service. DABS National Resource Directory - which is updated quarterly and lists over 500 services in...
  • DABS Pathfinder Service

    DABS Pathfinder is a pointing service that provides free support and information all over the UK and the Republic of Ireland to anyone and any organisation regarding issues to do with childhood abuse, incest and rape. Their telephone support contacts are professional counsellors or therapists...
  • Dadpeter Trace Your Birth Family

    If you are adopted or you have been separated from your child through adoption,or foster care,this website offers free advice and information to help you trace your lost child or parent. or family members This website is intended to be the first port of call for anyone thinking about searching for...
  • Daily Fix

    A web site that sends a daily affirmation to your inbox each morning to give you a positive message and a good feeling to help you through your day.
  • Daisy Network Premature Menopause Support group

    support group for women n their teens, twenties and thirties who have undegone a menopause; HRT, egg donation
  • Dancing Eye Syndrome Support Trust

    The Dancing Eye (Opsoclonus Myoclonus) Syndrome Support Trust aims to give information and telephone support to families with children with dancing eye syndrome, also known as Kinsbourne syndrome. Other activities include the following: Arranging an annual meeting which includes talks by...

    DANDA: Developmental Adult neuro-diversity Association run by adults for adults with dyspraxia, Asperger's Syndrome,A(D)HD, dyslexia and related condition
  • Dandy-Walker Syndrome

  • Dark Horse Venture

    The Dark Horse Venture is a national charity that encourages retired and older people to get involved in a wide range of new activities and interests. This is done through a scheme that recognises the achievements, talents and abilities of older people and helps put them to practical and creative...
  • Darlington Lung Cancer Support Group

    Lung Cancer Support Group available to anyone affected by Lung Cancer. Patients, families, friends are all welcome. Monthly meetings very informal
  • DATA (Disability Access to Technolkogy Association)

    Free vocational IT training for disabled people.
  • David Lewis Organisation

    Residential treatment and rehabilitation for adults/children. Out patient facilities and consultancy.
  • Daycare Trust

    Daycare Trust is a national childcare charity. The Trust promotes quality, affordable childcare for all. It also advises parents, care providers, employers, trade unions and policy makers on childcare issues.
  • Deaf Studies Trust

    The Deaf Studies Trust was set up in 1984 to develop projects in the area of deaf studies. Its main principles are: communication and understanding - the attempt to enhance and improve the quality of deaf people's lives and their contribution to society. The Trust views research and teaching as...
  • Deaf/Blind

    Assessing deaf/blind individuals and advising local authorities.
  • Deafax

    The Deafax vision is a world where deaf children, young people and adults acquire the necessary communication and literacy skills to enable them to participate fully in everyday life. They aim to achieve this by encouraging the use of 21st century technologies within the deaf community both...
  • Deafblind UK

    Deafblind UK’s vision is that people who are deafblind or have a combined sight and hearing loss should have equal rights, access and opportunities as all other citizens within society. Deafblind UK is an organisation of and for people who are deafblind or have a combined sight and hearing loss....
  • Deafblind UK

    Deafblind UK is a national charity offering specialist services and human support to deafblind people and those who have progressive sight and hearing loss acquired throughout their lives. Our aim is to enable people living with this unique disability to maintain their independence, quality of...
  • Deafness Research UK

    Deafness Research UK, formerly Defeating Deafness, aims to: Encourage and finance research into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of hearing difficulties. Educate people about hearing problems and their treatments, offering information and advice based upon the most up to date...
  • DeafPLUS

    deafPLUS is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee working to encourage integration and equality between deaf and hearing people in all areas of life. This includes: Advocacy, advice and employment support Personal support and development Training in deaf and hard of hearing...
  • Deafsign.com

    British Sign Language (BSL) information site, home of Co-Sign Communications, publishers of sign language dictionaries, books, posters, flashcards and ebooks for learners of all ages and abilities in the field of deafness, specials needs and signing with hearing babies. New on-line shopping site...
  • DebRA - Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association

    DebRA is the national organisation working on behalf of people whose lives are affected by all forms of epidermolysis bullosa (EB). In addition to funding research into the condition, DebRA offers a range of services for people affected by EB. DebRA's Aims are: To provide continuing services...
  • Defeat Depression Campaign

    A national campaign organised by The Royal College of Psychiatrists in association with The Royal College of General Practitioners. Five-year campaign finishing n 1997.
  • Degos Patients' Support Network

    Advice, support and a forum for Degos patients, their families and medical advisers,wherever they are in the world. Opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking research in Berlin.
  • Demand

    Designs and manufactures furniture and equipment for people with disabilities where no other solution exists.
  • DEMAND - Design and Manufacture for Disability

    DEMAND provide specially designed equipment for people with disabilities where no other source exists. They also provide an information service guiding people to existing sources of equipment, and they improve and repair equipment already in use. They also encourage interest in design for...
  • Dementia Care Trust

    Help for carers, relief care at home, counselling, day care
  • Dementia Link

    Dementia Link aims to provide people with dementia and those who care for them with access to the information they may need to understand and cope with Alzheimer's disease.
  • Dental Anxiety and Phobia Association

  • Dental Complaints Service

    The Dental Complaints Service offer a UK wide complaints resolution service for private dental patients. Their aim is to resolve complaints fairly, efficiently, transparently and quickly by working with the patient and dental professional involved. They are a department of the General Dental...
  • Dental Fear Central

    Dental Fear Central is a self-help organisation for anyone suffering with dental phobia or specific dental fears. Online since 2004, it features an online support group for peer support, but also advice from dentists who enjoy helping nervous patients. The support group also allows people to...
  • Dental Services Division of the NHS Business Services Authority

    The main duties of the Dental Services Division of the NHSBSA (formally the Dental Practice Board) are to: Support the Secretary of State in the form of the Department of Health and the Welsh Assembly Government, in determination of dental policy and strategy. Produce statistics and key...
  • Dentistry On-line

    The Dentistry On-line website is run by Priory Lodge Education Ltd. It includes information for professionals, a bookshop and links to other sources of information. There is a section dedicated to patient information which includes topics such as: Information about children's teeth Surgery -...
  • Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

    Responsibilities include some health-related activities regarding the food and drinks industry and farming, agriculture and fisheries. See their website for further details.
  • Department for Work and Pensions

    The Department for Work and Pensions help people to achieve their potential through employment. They are promoting work as the best form of welfare, helping more people into work and supporting those who can't work. Another key target for the DWP is to help people plan for retirement and, when...
  • Department of Health - Complaints

    The Department of Health is responsible for health and personal social services in England. There are formal complaints procedures that will be followed if you are unhappy with the service you have been provided by either the National Health Service or local authority social services. Details of...
  • Department of Health - Main Website

    Main website that links to all aspects of the Department of Health
  • Department of Health, Health Advice for Travellers

    The Department of Health, Health Advice for Travellers website includes health information for UK residents travelling abroad and gives details of where to obtain further information. It stresses the need to be properly prepared for the possibility of falling ill or having an accident while...
  • Depression Alliance

    Depression Alliance is the leading UK charity for people affected by depression
  • Depression Alliance Cymru

    Depression Alliance self-help groups provide a safe forum where people affected by depression can meet to share experiences and coping strategies with others in similar situations. Groups aim to provide mutual support and understanding in a non-judgemental, confidential environment, to help people...
  • Depression Alliance Scotland

    Depression Alliance Scotland is a national charity for people with depression in Scotland. They work to relieve and prevent this treatable condition by providing information, support and understanding to those affected by, and working with, depression. They also campaign at local and national...
  • Depression Support Group

    Self-help support group for people affected by depression in the Woking and surrounding areas.
  • Depression UK

    Aims to encourage and support people with depression by means of self help and mutual support. Members are sent six newsletters each year, and are offered pen friend and phone friend schemes, an internet discussion forum, D-UK Chat, and information. This national charity, which is run by 15 or...
  • Depression UK

    Supports and encourages people suffering from depression on a mutual help basis, complementing professional care.
  • DES Action UK

    DES Action UK aims to support those women and men who have been exposed to diethylstilbestrol (DES) in utero. The diagnosis is often made following miscarriage where DES has caused fertility problems and such women can obtain relevant advice. DES can rarely cause clear cell carcinoma and a number...
  • Desertion Survivors

    An online self-help community offering emotional support and practical information-sharing among those who have been deserted by a partner, including those faced with managing the effects on their children. We provide an open discussion forum, a Mentor Team to help identify personal goals and find...
  • Destigmatize.org.uk

    Destigmatize.org.uk is a project of the National Phobic's Society which aims to provide information and support for sufferers of anxiety disorders mainly, but not exclusively, in the Asian population
  • Diabetes Aware

    Self help group of people with diabetes who meet together to share experiences and support each other. We provide information and literature and arrange awareness sessions/days. We work closely with the local Primary Care Trust on issues of joint interest
  • Diabetes Insight Website

    Diabetes Insight is a web forum which aims to provide help and support to people of all ages with Diabetes as well as their families and carers.
  • Diabetes Lifeline

    The Diabetes Lifeline is powered by Next of Kin Ltd. They run a national 24 hour operator service where they can assist in locating your family in the event of an emergency.
  • Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation

    In July 1998, the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation (DRWF) was established in the United Kingdom as a registered charity by people with a personal interest in diabetes. DRWF has two distinct aims: to finance vital research into diabetes and to support people with diabetes through the Diabetes...
  • Diabetes UK

    The leading charity working for people with diabetes in the UK; funding research, campaigning and helping people live with the condition
  • Diabetic Foot Page

    The Diabetic Foot Page was created and is maintained by a Podiatrist / Chiropodist working in the UK National Health Service. These pages are designed to assist health care professionals who look after the foot problems of diabetic patients but may be of interest to others such as patients and...
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

    This is a website which details the UK National Screening Committee's (NSC) recommendations for developing a cost-effective national screening strategy for diabetic retinopathy in the United Kingdom. The website also provides some useful links to other resources.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Website

    The website is in partnership with Good Hope Hospital and the University of Birmingham. It provides information on diabetic eye complications. Topics covered include the following. Retinopathy Maculopathy Laser treatment Driving Rehabilitation Coping with one eye Coping with poor...
  • DiabeticLife

    DiabeticLife is an insurance company offering people with diabetes life insurance cover at reasonable rates. Free quotations are available via their website or by contacting them on the above telephone number.
  • Dial UK

    National organisation for the DIAL Network of disability advice centres. Offers signposting and information on disability issues for disabled people, carers and professionals.
  • Dial-a-Dream

    Dial-A-Dream is a registered children's charity. Their aims and objectives are to make the dreams and aspirations of children that are suffering from a diagnosed life threatening illness become a reality.
  • Diamond Blackfan Anaemia Support Group

    Diamond Blackfan Anaemia Support Group is the UK based parent support group for the condition Diamond Blackfan Anaemia (DBA), and a registered charity. The support group is made up of parents, family and friends of patients with DBA, along with the patients themselves. The charity aims to...