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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • P.M.S. & P.N.D. Support

    Provides advice and information to Premenstrual Syndrome and Post Natal Depression sufferers and their families.
  • PAC-UK

    Advice, support and information for all affected by adoption, including adoptive families, birth parents and other birth relatives and adopted people. Consultation for professionals working in adoption. Services include daily Advice Line, counselling, child and family therapeutic service,...
  • Paget Gorman Society

    Helps young people with speech impairment to communicate using Paget Gorman Signed Speech. Training for therapists, teachers and parents
  • Pain Concern

    Pain Concern provide information and support to people with pain and those who care for and about them and aim to raise awareness about pain and improve the provision of pain management services. Their Airing Pain radio show is a series of audio podcasts featuring the experiences of those managing...
  • Pain Relief Foundation

  • Pain Support

    PainSupport provides self-help information, advice and support for those in pain.Confidential Contact Club. Discussion Forum. Self-help techniques for reducing/controlling pain. Regular lively Newsletter, Books, CDs and Downloads.
  • Pain Wise UK

    Group support and counselling for people with chronic pain. Relaxation/stress reduction strategies
  • Pancreatic Cancer Action

    Set up by a rare survivor of the disease, Pancreatic Cancer Action is a registered charity with a mission to improve the dire survival rates for the disease by raising awareness and providing education about pancreatic cancer to the public, medical professionals and Government. We provide...
  • Pancreatic Cancer Action

    5 year survival rates for pancreatic cancer have not changed in over 40 years and it is our mission to change this by way of increased awareness of pancreatic cancer within the general population, the medical community and the Government. We are developing educational programmes for trainee General...
  • Parent Project UK

    Parent Project UK is a charity set up by parents and supporters of boys with Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy. We aim to fund research projects that will move us closer to finding a cure or viable treatments for these severe muscle wasting diseases. We aim: To raise funds for UK...
  • Parentability

    Supporting disabled people in pregnancy, through childbirth and with parenthood.
  • Parentline Plus

    Umbrella organisation of helf-help groups for parents under stress, workers provide a listening ear, use basic counselling skills, offer non-directive suggestions in order to help parents and carers to find their own solutions.
  • Parents Against Drug Abuse (PADA)

    Parents Against Drug Abuse offer support to parents and carers of drug users PADA offers: • National helpline • One to one support • Alternative therapies • Community training • Advice and information • A young person/parent conciliation service • The 'Duke of Westminister Annual...
  • Parents Anonymous London

    A confidential telephone helpline service for pareents under stress who maybe in danger of abusing heir children.
  • Parents of Perthes

    Gives information, on going support, advice, to a parent/carer whose child has a hip disability called Perthes Disease. Run by perthes parents for perthes parents. We can help with education access for a perthes child and other day to day problem solutions. A listening ear.
  • Parentsown.co.uk

    Parentsown.co.uk helps and supports families with gut conditions, allergies and intolerances, feeding problems and a wide range of associated health conditions. Meet other families through forums and blogs, ask our experts about feeding problems, use our free downloads, recipe centre, restaurant...
  • Parkinson's Disease Society

    Helps patients and relatives of sufferers from Parkinson's disease. Funds research, 200 local groups through UK.
  • Parkinson's Support Group

    A Support Group for people living with Parkinson's and their families. We meet in a friendly environment and try and have a guest speaker or activity. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at the Courtyard in Goole.
  • Partially Sighted Society

  • Patient Advice & Liaison Service

    PALS offers advise and support to patients, their families and carers who have concerns about the services received from the NHS. Provides information on NHS services Listening and responding to concerns, suggestions or queries The service is free and confidential
  • Patient and Public Involvement Forums

    PPI Forums are independant bodies that allow the public to influence NHS services by expressing opinions
  • Patientprotect

    Aims to prevent elder abuse and covert rationing in NHS Hospitals by raising awareness and giving advice
  • Patients Against Mercury Amalgams (PAMA)

    Through membership £20,000 pa, we provide sympton list, Hg free dentists, pre and post amalgan removal chelation, tests and quarterly magazine,
  • Patients Association

    provide patients with support and information.
  • Patients Liaison Group of the Royal College of General Practitioners, The RCGP,

  • Patients on Intravenous and Naso Gastric Nutrition Therapy

    patient support group for people and carers who require artificial nutrition
  • Patients Talking

    Patients Talking is a free self help service to help everyone going through a health situation. You write diaries about any medical experience and read about others who have been through a similar situation. We understand you are not alone and give people a positive & confidential sharing platform...
  • PCD Family Support Group

    Information and advice
  • Peak Experience

    Autism awareness training, Social Stories training and behaviour Problem training. Also assessment and consultancy in autistic spectrum conditions.

    A support link in the form of a blog for patients who are fed enterally. The information is mainly from my own perspective and my own experiences of the need for enteral feeding. As professionals , carers and other patients find the blog and start to contrbute the support will grow and be more...
  • Pelizaeus Merzbacher Support Group

    This is a small family support group offering mutual support to families, newsletters and occasional events with a network of approximately 50 families.
  • Pelvic instability Network Scotland (PINS)

    Pelvic Instability Network Scotland (PINS) is a registered Scottish charity founded in 2007. It's aims are : To provide support and information to people with Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) To campaign for increased awareness of PGP amongst health professionals and the general public To ensure that all...
  • Perinatal Illness - UK

    A professional website for mothers , fathers and families of those affected by any type of perinatal mental health problem or illness, eg postnatal depression. Perinatal means the time during pregnancy, birth and postnatally.
  • Personal Evolution

    A new free to use website that has informaiton advice and guidance from a self help point of view, open to contributions from the public
  • Perthes Association

  • Pharmacy Healthcare Scheme

  • Philadelphia Association

    The Philadelphia Association was founded in 1965 by RD Laing and others to challenge accepted ways of understanding and treating mental and emotional suffering. This continues to be our aim.
  • Phobic Action

  • Phobic Trust

  • Phobics' Society

  • Phoenix Futures

    Phoenix Futures is a leading UK network of drug and alcohol treatment specialists. The charity provides a range of services in communities, prisons and residential centres that each year help thousands of people transform their lives. Phoenix Futures exists to give substance misusers the...
  • Pierpoint Group

    The Pierpoint Group, established in 1988, is based in the sea-side resort of St. Annes-on-Sea in Lancashire. It comprises three units set up to provide intervention through assessment, detoxification, treatment and rehabilitation for adults who have drug and/or alcohol addictions. A modular...
  • Pinderfields Burns Club

    The idea of having burn camps comes from North America, so the word 'camp' does not mean we stay in tents! We base ourselves in residential activity centres in various parts of the country where we can have access to outdoor activities. The most important thing, though is to provide a secure...
  • PleuralMesothelioma.com

    Committed to providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on pleural mesothelioma cancer, PleuralMesothelioma.com is the Web's most inclusive resource solely dedicated to this rare cancer. Focusing exclusively on pleural mesothelioma, the most common form of mesothelioma cancer,...
  • PMS Help

    Provides postal information and help to PMS sufferers and their families. Also information on post-natal illness/depression and the menopause. Education to the health profession on PNI/D. Booklets £1 plus sae

    A mutual and self help Support group for women who suffer or survived Post Natal Illness (Post Natal Depression, Puerperal Psychosis PNI , PND, PP) We are a web based support group with funding from the NHS, donations and other organisations. We run a busy online forum a chat area and an email...
  • POhWER

    A free, independent and confidential advocacy service for people of Hertfordshire and north Essex. Can help you find out about your rights and resolve issues, support you at meetings and access services you want to receive.
  • Polyarteritis (Vasculitis) Contact

    Can provide local contact list
  • Porencephaly Contact Group

  • Positive About C

    For people living with Hepatitis C Virus- an online support network from our website also face to face meetings at St James Hospital Leeds
  • Positive Help

    Practical Help for People living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Positively Women

    Positively Women is the only national charity working to improve the quality of life of women and families affected by HIV. All direct services are delivered by HIV positive women, and include support, advice and advocacy; outreach work in hospitals, clinics and prisons; information service...
  • Post Natal Depression Support Network

    We are a new project offering a service to women and their families and friends who are experiencing post natal depression who may require extra support and help. We provide information, support and help via our website, forum, face to face contact, email, sms text & telephone. This variety of...
  • Post-Natal Illness, Association for

    Countrywide network of phone and postal volunteers who have had and recovered from post-natal depression. Helps support and educate women who are suffering from post-natal depression. Aims to increase public awareness of the illness and encourage research
  • PostNatal Illness-Support & Help Association

    A registered Charity which cares for the emotional welfare of women and their families affected by all types of antenatal and postnatal illness or birth trauma.
  • Power Essence

    Radically different approach to self help with Free articles, e-books, newsletters, quotes, links and forum. Become a genius, find your passion, eliminate depression, find romance, achieve ultimate success!
  • Praeder-Willi Syndrome Association UK

    Support all who work or care for someone with Prader-Willis Syndrome.
  • Premature Sexual Maturation Group

  • Premenstrual Society 'PREMSOC'

    The aims of the Society are to give information and support to individual PMS sufferers, provide educational courses on PMS and help individuals and organisations aiming to start self-help groups.
  • Primary Immunodeficiency Association

    Support for patients and families of anyone suffering any of the primary immune deficiencies