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Self Help Groups


    A range of high quality materials and resources, especially useful for teachers. Highly recommended!
  • Tak Tent Cancer Support

    Offers support and information for cancer patients, their relatives, friends and helpers. Network of support groups across Scotland
  • Talk To Mac

    A support group for socially isolated people with physical, mental or emotional issues , who are living in Eastbourne and surrounding areas irrespective of background, culture or religion .
  • Talking About Cannabis

    Talking About Cannabis is a support and information-sharing website for everyone whose lives have been affected by cannabis abuse. Aims: To provide, and stimulate debate on, cannabis prevention education and treatment, using sound scientific and medical evidence, with special emphasis on 'skunk'...
  • Talking Newspaper Association of the UK

  • Tall Persons Club GB & Ireland

    The Tall Persons Club GB & Ireland is dedicated to providing information for and promoting the interests of tall people. Whether you are tall yourself, know someone who is tall, or have children who are tall, this is the site with more practical information than any other. If height is an...
  • TAMBA - Twins and Multiple Births Association

    Aims to inform, help and support parents of twins, triplets or more. Increases awareness of problems among public and health professionals.
  • TAR - Thrombocytopenia with Absent Radii Support Group

    Support and information for parents.
  • Target Ovarian Cancer

    Target Ovarian Cancer is the national ovarian cancer charity working to save lives and help women diagnosed live their lives to the full, wherever they are in the UK.
  • Tay Sachs and Allied Diseases Association

    Tay Sachs is a very rare disease, therefore all activities are limited, such as meetings and literature. The Association offers support and information to the families of Tay Sachs babies before and after birth. They offer telephone consultancy and general help in coping with the very distressing...
  • TBPI Group

    A group set up by and for anyone who is affected by Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injuries.
  • Tees Valley Counselling Trust (formerly John Richardson Trust)

    we provide a free and confidential professional counselling and support service, throughout Teesside and neighbouring areas, for people with physical disabilities or chronic illness, and their carers. Age 5+ - 70+
  • Teetotallers Register

    Support to those wishing to abstain totally from alcohol. Offers social gatherings, retreats and counselling. Press enquiries welcome.
  • Telephones for the Blind

  • Tenovus Cancer Information Service

    Provides emotional support and information on all aspects of cancer for patients and their families.
  • Terrence Higgins Trust

    Help and support for HIV-positive people. Support groups and one-to-one befriending programme known as 'Buddy'.
  • Thalidomide Trust (The)

  • The 25% ME Group

    The 25% ME Group is a nationwide community based voluntary group. They have two members of staff paid for by the Lottery Fund and volunteers (most of whom are chronic ME sufferers). They provide a range of services to people affected by severe ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), many of whom are...
  • The Across Trust

    Charity for disabled persons
  • The Alder Centre

    A confidential helpline for anyone affected by the death of a child. Provides local contacts.
  • The Alliance

    The Alliance is a user led organisation which provides advocacy, training and helpline services to those currently in drug treatment, those who have accessed drug treatment in the past and those who may access drug treatment in the future. Its priorities are: To support the right of people...
  • The Anxiety Disorders Association (ANXIA)

    Provides practical self-help to anyone affecrted by anxiety and their carers. Involved in research and project development for people with anxiety disorders.
  • The Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy

    Dance Movement Therapy uses expressive movement and dance to help people of all ages with a range of emotional, psychological, physical, social and cognitive difficulties. The Association for Dance Movement Therapy UK develops communication amongst dance movement therapists, administers a...
  • The Back Shop

    Mail order catalogue of useful products
  • The Beaumont Society

    National UK self support group founded in 1966 for Transvestites, Transsexuals & those close to them.
  • The Benign Foundation

    This is not counselling as you may know it. It's far cheaper for a start. Instead we draw our expertise from practical experience of life. as well as our in-depth knowledge of philosophic counselling, cognitive therapy, mental health, philosophy, spirituality, theology and cognitive science. We...
  • The Birthmark Support Group

    The Birthmark Support Group offers information to anyone affected by a birthmark (including port wine stain, haemangioma and congenital melanocytic naevus). The group produces newsletters, medical information packs and offers contact with others in similar situations. The website is regularly...
  • The British Cardiac Patients Association

    advice, infomation, support, for cardiac patients & their carers; primary and secondart carers
  • The British Home

    The British Home is an independent charity that provides specialised nursing and social care for people with long term medical conditions and severe disabilities. The British Home accommodates up to 122 adults of all ages and diverse backgrounds.
  • The British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy

    Will provide a list of trained allergy therapists in all areas of the United Kingdom.
  • The British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis

    The British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis (BSCAH) was formed in 2007 by the merger of the two professional societies of hypnosis in the UK: the British Society of Medical & Dental Hypnosis (BSMDH) and the British Society of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis (BSECH). It is a non profit...
  • The British Stammering Association

    The only national charity helping both children and adults who stammer. Membership is open to all. Activities include supporting self-help groups around the UK and a local rate helpline. Free information packs available. Telephone and online support groups.
  • The British Thyroid Foundation

    Support and information. Regional groups. Campaigns to promote awareness with the general public and medical profession
  • The Burned Children's Club

    the burned children's club gives support to young burn survivors and their families. We promote self esteem and help children come to terms with their altered body image. Support is also essential to parents and sibblings, as they too need help, to adjust and come to terms with the trauma. All this...
  • The Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health

    The Buteyko Institute Method is a programme of asthma education and breathing retraining. This course gives those suffering with asthma the ability to control their symptoms and significantly reduce their need for medication in a safe and controlled manner.
  • The Cairn

    Suzy Johnston writes, advises, promotes and publishes on mental health awareness issues. Her autobiography 'The Naked Bird Watcher' gives a lucid insight into the torment of mental distress and is a positive account of living with mental illness, highlighting the importance of good psychiatric...
  • The CALL Centre (Scotland)

    The CALL Centre (Communication Access for Literacy and Learning) provides specialist expertise in technology for children who have speech, communication and/or writing difficulties, in schools across Scotland. Their website gives information, guidance and resources on how information and...
  • The CdLS Foundation UK & Ireland

  • The Centre for Recovery

    At a local level we provide counselling and support for people with drug or alcohol problems. On a National level our website offers education and advice for drug/alcohol abusers - and their family or friends.
  • The Children’s Mitochondrial Disease Network

    support; infomation; awareness about the inborn errors affecting energy metabolism
  • The Cinnamon Trust

    Charity for elder people and their pets. Volunteers help elderly owners with day to day care and fostering when in hospital. Register of UK old peoples homes accepting pets.
  • The Cleft Lip and Palate Association

    provides infomation and support to families affected by clift lip and/or cleft palate
  • The Compassionate Friends

    support and friendship for parents and their familes by those similarly bereaved
  • The Compassionate Friends Sibling Support

    A national organisation run by bereaved brothers and sisters for bereaved siblings. Run in association with Compassionare Friends. Provides support and information.
  • The Cystitis and Overactive Bladder Foundation

    The Cystitis and Overactive Bladder (COB) Foundation gives information and support to people with all forms of cystitis and overactive bladder and works to raise awareness of these diseases among the medical profession.
  • The Daisy Network

    The Daisy Network, a registered charity, is a support group for women who have experienced a premature menopause ie the onset of menopause before the age of 45 (also called premature ovarian failure and early menopause). The Daisy Network aims to provide a support network of people you can talk...
  • The David Key Coaching Partnership

    DKCP provide NLP Coaching and Training and Therapy. DKCP train NLP practitioners and Master Practitioners. DKCP work with clients with a variety of conditions from ME and OCD to Stress and Phobias
  • The Dermatology Centre

  • The Disabilities Trust

    The Disabilities Trust is a national charity providing care, rehabilitation and support for people with profound physical impairments, acquired brain injury, and learning disabilities, as well as children and adults with autism. Founded in Sussex in 1979, they now operate a national network of...
  • The Disaway Trust

    Holidays for the physically disabled to Mediterranean.
  • The Dystonia Society

    Supports patients and their families, promotes awareness and research into dystonia, the neurological movement disorder characterised by sustained and involuntary muscle contractions or muscle spasms.
  • The East Midlands Infertility Support Group

    The Group meets regularly throughout the East Midlands, produces a quarterly newsletter and arranges information events.
  • The Elizabeth Foundation for Deaf Children

    Support, advice and encouragement to parents of young deaf children and babies. A nationally-available Home Learning Programme. Weekday Group and Individual language and education sessions for deaf children up to the age of 5, at an Elizabeth Foundation Family Centre. See our website...
  • The Fragile X Society

    The Society aims to support families who are affected by Fragile X Syndrome and to promote greater understanding about Fragile X Syndrome. Fragile X Syndrome is the most common known cause of inherited learning disability, It affects 1 in 4000 boys and 1 in 6000 girls.
  • The Free From Addiction Project

    The Free From Addiction Project is a peer to peer alcohol support group offering offline support, Chesterfield only, and online support UK wide for those that have issues surrounding their struggles with alcohol.
  • The Gender Trust

    UK charity with information and support for transsexual people, families, partners. Membership organisation. Information for professionals - employers, human resources etc. Publications.
  • The Glynneath Valleys Cancer Care and Support Group.

    The Glynneath Valleys cancer care support group is dedicated to all cancer patients, and partners or carers who are interested in complementary therapies such as healing, counselling, reflexology etc.
  • The Heather Preen Trust

    The Heather Preen Trust has been established to raise awareness about E.coli and help find a cure for haemolytic uraemic syndrome. Their aims are: To raise awareness of E.coli. To provide educative information to children, parents and professionals relating to E.coli. To raise funds for...
  • The Hillock

    Alcohol rehab and alcohol treatment. Over 20yrs experience helping people UK wide with alcohol problems. Based in Glasgow, we offer a unique detox approach to problem drinking. Please contact us in confidence.
  • The How To Stop Stammering Centre

    One-to-one speech therapy courses plus self-help products aimed at helping people who stammer to achieve fluency