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National Association of Widows

Organisation name
National Association of Widows
The National Association of Widows is a national charity offering support and friendship to widows, and providing opportunities for women to develop a new sense of purpose as they face life on their own. Branches run social events whilst head office organises national events and keeps in touch with members who do not have access to a branch, or who do not wish to join one. It is the only national charity to serve widows of all ages.
Although most of our members are widows, not all women choose to marry and so some of our members are unmarried women whose partners have died. Married women and other single women who support the aims of our organisation are also free to join us by taking out associate rather than full membership.
The NAW has a strong branch network but our head office is also very important. It organises seminars, regional meetings and members’ holidays within the UK and abroad. It also works with government and other national charities in pressing the needs of all our members: from widowed pensioners to widowed mothers with young children. The NAW is not a specialist advisory or counselling service but we can often refer enquirers with specific financial or other problems on to other bodies.
Street address
48 Queens Road,
Main Phone No
0845 838 2261
024 7663 4848
Main Contact: Name
Carrie Bosworth
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We currently have 30 local NAW branches throughout the country, and offer Head Office membership to those who have no branch nearby
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We provide leaflets detailing our association
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A newsletter of NAW activities is printed twice-yearly
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