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Self Help Groups

  • Caring Matters Now

    Caring Matters Now has the following aims: To support families suffering with congenital melanocytic naevus. To raise awareness of the condition, especially among medical professionals. To raise funds to keep the group running and to fund research for congenital melanocytic naevus...
  • Carousel

    Carousel's mission statement is: Carousel will deliver a high quality artistic programme that inspires people with learning disabilities to achieve their artistic ambitions. They are guided by principles of: Striving for artistic excellence Ensuring high quality activities Working in...
  • Castle Craig Hospital

    Castle Craig Hospital is a healthcare facility which treats alcoholism and other addictions as a physical, mental and spiritual disease. It is the object of treatment that patients should enjoy a good recovery and enhanced quality of life which we believe will be greatly assisted by an abstinent...
  • Castlebeck

    Castlebeck is a provider of specialist healthcare and rehabilitation services for people aged 18 and over with learning disabilities, significant challenging behaviour and complex needs. Service users from across the UK are typically referred by social workers or psychiatrists. Their customers...
  • Catholic Deaf Association

    The Catholic Deaf Association is an association of deaf and hearing people who support each other and promote services for deaf people within the community. It works at both the diocesan level and national level. The CDA does not cater for those who are hard of hearing but only for those who are...

    CAUSE is a Northern Ireland charity directed and staffed by past and present carers. They provide practical and emotional support to relatives and carers of people with serious mental illness. CAUSE's help takes many forms - carer support by carer advocates, telephone helpline, educational...
  • CBIT

    CBIT aims to improve the quality of life for all children and young people who have an acquired brain injury (ABI) and to enable them to achieve their full potential. Activities of the CBIT include: Co-ordinating a network of support groups across the UK; providing families with a chance to...
  • CCCA

    About one in a thousand children suffer from juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) which can strike at any age and take one of several forms. The CCCA is run by both parents and professionals and is open to all who are concerned with the welfare of children with arthritis. It is a registered charity...
  • CCHS Support Group

    The CCHS Support Group offers information and telephone support on congenital central hypoventilation syndrome.
  • Cellmark

    Cellmark was established in 1987 and is a UK based DNA testing laboratory with over 20 years of specialist experience in DNA paternity testing. Their services are used by a range of customers including members of the public, government departments, and the legal profession. As a result they have...
  • Central Council for Jewish Community Services

    Umbrella organisation of welfare services.
  • Central Homecare

    Central Homecare has been a provider of high-tech home care services in the UK for over 10 years. By high-tech home care, they don't mean the types of home care services you may already be familiar with, for example domiciliary care. Rather, Central Homecare supplies a comprehensive range of often...
  • Central Nervous System Vasculitis Foundation, Inc.

    Support and Information on Central Nervous System Vasculitis
  • Centre for Accessible Environments

    A registered charity, CAE has been the leading authority and resource in the UK, for over 30 years, on inclusive design and access to the built environment for disabled and older people.
  • Centre for Complementary and Integrated Medicine

    The Centre for Complementary and Integrated Medicine aims to provide a specialist, cost-effective and information-led complementary medical service both privately and within the NHS and to promote the teaching, research and development of complementary medicine. It has practices at Southampton and...
  • Centre for Fatigue Syndrome

  • Centre for Fun and Families

    The national Centre for Fun and Families has been set up to assist families where parents are experiencing behaviour and communication difficulties with their children. The Centre aims to offer practical help to parents with children of all ages. Uniquely it provides services direct to families but...
  • Centre for Policy on Ageing

  • Centre for Pregnancy Nutrition

    The Centre for Pregnancy Nutrition provides information on nutrition during pregnancy to pregnant women and those planning pregnancy who have concerns about any aspects of their diet and possible effects on the outcome of their pregnancy. Its services are also available to others including health...
  • Centre for Social & Communication Disorders

    The Centre for Social and Communication Disorders was set up in 1991 by the National Autistic Society. It was the first centre in the country to provide a complete diagnostic, assessment and advice service for children, adolescents and adults with social and communication disorders throughout the...
  • Centre for Stress Management

    The Centre for Stress Management is a stress counselling centre that offers cognitive-behaviour therapy. Fees are usually charged. The Centre can also deliver training in stress management, cognitive behaviour therapy (and allied therapies), post traumatic stress disorder, and other areas to...
  • Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education

    Inclusive education means disabled and non-disabled children and young people learning together in ordinary pre-school provision, schools, colleges and universities, with appropriate networks of support. The Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education (CSIE) is an independent educational charity, a...
  • Centre for the Study of Complementary Medicine

    The partners are medically qualified practitioners who are also trained in acupuncture, homoeopathy and environmental medicine so that patients can be treated holistically.
  • Centrepoint

    Centrepoint is a national charity working to improve the lives of socially excluded, homeless young people. It provides a range of accommodation based services, including emergency nightshelters and short stay hostels, specialist projects for care leavers, ex-offenders, young single parents, foyers...
  • Cerebra - For Brain Injured Children and Young People

    Cerebra aims to help decrease the incidence of brain injury in babies and develop and test effective therapies. They support, commission and carry out research to these ends including the award of grants and fellowships. The parent support network offers an information, support and advice...
  • Cerebra - For Brain Injured Children and Young People

    Every year in the UK there are approximately 650,000 new babies born and The Decade of the Brain research suggests that one in four will, at some point in their life, develop a neurological problem. These problems manifest themselves in conditions such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, learning...
  • Cerebra, for Brain Injured Children and Young People

    Cerebra funds research projects into brain-related conditions in infants and children. PARNET is a support service for parents and carers. It includes an information service, postal lending library, newsletter, events and parent-to-parent contact.
  • Cerebral Palsy Action

    CPA provides effective help for children and their families whose lives are affected by CP
  • CGD Research Trust

  • Chai Cancer Care

    Chai Cancer Care is the Jewish community’s cancer support organisation, providing a range of services including counselling, complementary therapies, helpline, a comprehensive programme of social and physical activities, advocacy and advice as well as expert lectures.
  • Chalfont Line Holidays

    Chalfont Line Holidays is a commercial company which has been supplying escorted holidays for the slow walker or wheelchair user for over 30 years. All vehicles used are fitted with a lift. Holidays are escorted by a tour manager. Personal assistance packages are available. Door to door...

    CHANGE is a leading national equal rights organisation led by Disabled People. They believe in equal rights for all people with learning disabilities. They employ people with learning disabilities on equal salaries to co-work on projects, campaigns, training and making information easy to...
  • Changing Faces

    Charity providing help and advice to adults and children with a visible disfigurement. Advice, training and resources for health professionals working with this group.
  • Changing Minds

    The campaign to increase the understanding of mental health problems and reduce their stigma and discrimination. The Royal College of Psychiatrists campaign, Changing Minds: Every Family in the Land, aims to increase understanding of six common mental disorders, to challenge preconceptions...
  • Changing Minds in Hertfordshire

    A county wide charity, Changing Minds in Hertfordshire, founded by Andrew Ludlam, is here to offer information, support and advice for sufferers of depression as well as for their family, friends or carers.
  • Charcot Marie Tooth Disease International (UK)

  • CHARGE Family Support Group

    CHARGE is the name given to a condition that has a number of associated anomalies. Initials of the most common features make up the name. These are as follows. Coloboma Heart defects Atresia of the choanae Retardation of growth and developmental delay Genital abnormalities Ear...
  • Charity for Incontinent and Stoma Children

  • Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

    The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust aims to promote awareness, recognition and effective treatment of depression. The re-launch of the award winning 'Students Against Depression' website www.studentdepression.org in October 2007 is aimed at the pivotal time of the new student term. CWMT is unable...
  • CHARM (Children with Hand or Arm Deficiencies

    For parents of children with hand and/or arm deficiencies.
  • Charnwood Healthcare

    Charnwood Healthcare sell back care mattresses, medical cushions & chairs. Further details of the products they sell can be found on their web-site.
  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

    The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is a professional organisation with the aim of supporting and promoting its members and their profession thus ensuring the best possible care is available to patients wherever they are. The Society's website includes information for the general public on what...
  • Chartwell Insurance

    Chartwell Insurance have developed a range of policies that meet the particular needs of disabled people. Types of policy offered include the following: Wheelchair accessible vehicle insurance. Tailor-made, low-cost motor insurance which offers additional benefits such as daily transport...
  • Chas A Blatchford

    The Blatchford vision is to make prosthetic rehabilitation more accessible through improvements in efficiency of care and components and the company has been associated with amputee care for over a century. The company has won several awards for its products and technological achievement. The...
  • Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

    Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland is a medical charity which aims to improve the quality of life for people in Scotland affected by chest, heart and stroke illness through medical research, advice and information, and support in the community. Activities include the following: The advice line...
  • Chest, Heart & Stroke Northern Ireland

    The aim of the Northern Ireland Chest, Heart and Stroke is to promote the prevention of and alleviate the suffering resulting from chest, heart and stroke illnesses in Northern Ireland. Stroke schemes aimed at offering structured and therapeutic activities to stroke victims on a weekly basis....
  • CHI

    CHI stands for 'The Support Society for Children of High Intelligence' and is a support organisation for the benefit of the young and intellectually gifted. Their mission is to act directly on behalf of individual children who are in the top 2% for intelligence with the aim of helping them realise...

    This is a national self-help support group for those suffering from infertility. The services CHILD offers include Helplines, Medical Advisers, Local Groups, over 35 factsheets, Quarterly newsletter full of articles, letters, information. Membership is not a prerequisite for assistance
  • Child Accident Prevention Trust

    Advice and information on preventing accidental death and injury to children and on helping them recover after being injured.
  • Child Bereavement Charity

    The Child Bereavement Charity provides support to families and professionals when a child dies or when a child is bereaved. Our Support and Information service is available to both bereaved families and professionals. We offer a confidential listening service for anyone who would like to...
  • Child Death Helpline

    A confidential helpline for anyone affected by the death of a child. Provides local contacts.
  • Child Growth Foundation

    Support for parents of children with growth disorders. Also publishes 'Baby Check' , a 90-second checklist to determine whether babies up to six months old need medical attention, which includes a rectal thermometer.
  • Child Poverty Action Group

  • Childhood Bereavement Network

    The Childhood Bereavement Network (CBN) is a national, multi-professional federation of organisations and individuals working with bereaved children and young people. It involves, and is actively supported by, all the major bereavement care providers in the UK. The CBN seeks to ensure that all...
  • Childhood Cancer and Leukaemia Link

    Support and non-medical information at any stage. Links families
  • Childhood Connections

    Help for adults who were abused as children.
  • Childhood Eye Cancer Trust

    We provide information and support to those effected by retinoblastoma; raise awareness with health professionals and the public and fund research projects related to retinoblastoma.
  • Childhood Eye Cancer Trust

    The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) is a UK wide charity for families and individuals affected by retinoblastoma. We offer support and information, fund research and raise public awareness of this rare cancer. Retinoblastoma is a cancer of the eye that develops in children, typically under...
  • Childlessness Overcome Through Surrogacy

    COTS is a voluntary organisation assisting both childless couples and surrogates
  • ChildLine

    ChildLine is the UK's free helpline for children and young people in trouble or danger. It provides a confidential telephone counselling service for any child with any problem, 24 hours a day, every day. It comforts, advises and protects. Where a child is in danger, ChildLine works with other...