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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • Association to Combat Huntington's Chorea

  • Asthma UK

    Asthma UK is the charity dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the 5.2 million people in the UK whose lives are affected by asthma
  • Asthma UK (Scotland)

    Asthma UK is the independent UK charity dedicated to conquering asthma. It funds asthma research, offers help and advice, and campaigns for a better deal for people with asthma. A full range of information and literature is available for people with asthma and their carers, including: Take...

    AT EASE is a free, confidential, advice, information and counselling service for members of the Armed Forces and their families. It has no connection with, and is not funded by, the MOD.
  • Ataxia UK

    Ataxia UK is a charity aiming to support all people affected by ataxia; people with the condition, their familes, carers and friends. They also fund research into causes and developing safe, effective treatments. Their ultimate goal is to find a cure for the ataxias. In 2007 they awarded grants...
  • Ataxia-Telangiectasia Self-Help Group

    This group provides information and information exchange. Respite care information and advice, etc.
  • Atlas Healthcare

    Residential alcohol treatment service offering both detox and rehabilitation.
  • Atrial Fibrillation Association

    AFA aims to provide support and information on AF to those affected by the condition. It also aims to advance the education of the medical profession and the general public on the subject of AF. While also promoting research into the management of AF.
  • ATR-X Support Group

    ATR-X - Alpha Thalassaemia with Mental Retardation on the X-Chromosome is a rare condition. The ATR-X Support Group provides the following. Telephone support. Information on the condition. Contact with other families affected by the condition.
  • Attend

    Attend (formerly the National Association of Hospital and Community Friends) works in partnership with health and social care charities, and other statutory and voluntary bodies to ensure that more people can participate in improving the experience of caring services for patients and their...
  • Attention Deficit Disorder Parent's Support Group

  • Attia Research Trust into ALD

    provides a support and information service for the sufferers of adrenoleukodystrophy, Schilder's disease and sudanophilic leukodystrophy.
  • Auspicium

    Auspicium offer a range of NLP personal and corporate development services which will help move you to action and help you achieve your own excellence. We believe results are what really matter, and it is your results we focus on. Imagine taking your personal skills and or business skills to...
  • Autism independent UK

    Autism, Health, Along with an in-depth introduction to the developmental disability known as autism, you'll find lists of publications and learning resources, a useful FAQ, details on conferences and events
  • autism london

    autism london provides impartial support, advice and information to individuals, their families and carers, and professionals affected by autism and Asperger syndrome living in Greater London. Their four main support areas are: London Helpline - For many, the first point of contact with the...
  • Autism Networks

    Autism Network is a non-profit making organisation, coordinated by a committee and unpaid volunteers working for the benefit of their membership. It is their intention that activities should promote physical and social development, communication and self-motivation in an encouraging, friendly,...

    A parent support group for families living with autism

    AVERT is an international HIV and AIDS charity based in the UK that runs www.avert.org; one of the most comprehensive sources of information on HIV & AIDS and related issues available on the web today.
  • Aviation Health Limited

    Aviation Health is an independent medical research non-profit company which was created in 1996. It promotes the health and well-being of passengers world-wide. Its main objectives are research and education into the prevention of air related conditions. Since its establishment they have achieved...
  • Aviation Health Unit

    The Aviation Health Unit has set up a website to provide information on the health aspects of air travel to health care professionals, air crew and passengers. You will find evidence and reports on current air travel health issues and advice on other sources of help.
  • AVM Support UK

    AVM Support UK offers support to all who are interested or whose lives have been affected by the rare congenital defect 'arteriovenous malformation'. They also provide information and support on related conditions caused by or resulting from an arteriovenous malformation (also known as AVM). The...
  • Ayrshire & Arran Stoma Support Group

    We are there to give support to all who have had a Colostomy, Ileostomty or Urostomy throughout the Ayrshire area and beyond.
  • Ayrshire Infertility Support Group

    Support group meets monthly. Fact sheets and newsletter available.
  • A-Z Care Homes Guide

    A-Z Care Homes Guide is a guide to the care homes sector in the United Kingdom. The publication (over 750 pages) is divided into three main sections - Care Homes, Independent Hospitals & Clinics and A-Z Buyers Guide for Care Homes. The classifications index at the back of the Care Homes...
  • B E Bosom Friends

    Cancer Support Group
  • Babyloss

    Babyloss is an online resource for anyone whose life has been touched by pregnancy loss, stillbirth or neonatal death.
  • Back Care Warehouse

    The Back Care Warehouse sells a wide range of products dedicated to the relief of back pain. This includes a range of lumbar support belts, support cushions, pain relief devices, exercise and stretching aids, accessories to assist in everyday life, and other items. They also sell a wide range of...
  • Back in Action

    Back in Action was set up in 1988 to help people manage, prevent and treat the symptoms of back pain. They are dedicated to beating back pain by improving the furniture you use. They think healthy furniture must be stylish furniture if it is to be widely used, so for over 20 years Back in Action...
  • Back Shop (The)

    The Back Shop supplies products for people with back problems at the shop and by mail order. Contact the above address for a catalogue or visit their website.
  • BackCare

    Educates people about looking after their backs, supports research into back pain and organises group meetings.
  • Back-up

    National charity to encourage people with spinal cord injury to reintegrate into the community and remotivating through outdoor sporting activities
  • BACP - British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

    The British Association for Counselling grew from the Standing Conference for the Advancement of Counselling, a grouping of organisations inaugurated in 1970 at the instigation of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations. Membership was extended to include individuals when in 1977, with the...

    Information & advice for people with disabilities. Signposting to relevant departments of organisaitons
  • BaKare Beds

    BaKare Beds supply a range of adjustable beds for those with general mobility problems and those suffering from various conditions which can be eased by the use of a specialist bed. Beds are made in a range of styles and finishes and with a wide range of practical, special features such as...
  • Bankruptcy-Insolvency.co.uk

    Freephone and online access to money advice and debt related matters to individuals and businesses.
  • Barnardo's

    Barnardo's is the UK's biggest and best known children's charity. There are some 394 services working with more than 115,000 children, young people and families a year. The charity continues to fight the old problems of poverty, homelessness, and child prostitution, and new issues of children...
  • Barnardo's Positive Options

    The Planning Scheme offers parents who are HIV positive or living with other life threatening illnesses, the opportunity to explore plan for their children's care, looking at options such as care by relatives or friends, fostering or adoption. The service aims to help work with parents in ways that...
  • Baronmead International

    Baronmead are a UK manufacturer of powered stairclimbers; capable of carrying people, manual & electric wheelchairs up stairs and steps. They distribute globally. They also supply emergency evacuation chairs for stairway escape, public access lifts for public buildings, and stairlifts for your...
  • Barrett's Oesophagus Foundation

    Founded as a charity in 1999, the Barrett's Oesophagus Foundation is the only national charity dedicated to the prevention of cancer from Barrett's oesophagus and the support of people living with the disease. The Foundation is well supported by distinguished members of the medical...
  • Barth Syndrome Trust

    The Barth Syndrome Trust was created in the United Kingdom (Registered Charity Number 1100835) in order to better serve the needs of affected families here in the UK and in the rest of Europe. The Barth Syndrome Trust aims to increase awareness amongst health professionals and the general...
  • BASIC - Brain and Spinal Injury Charity

    BASIC is a registered charity affiliated to the neurosciences centre at Hope hospital, Salford. The resource centre offers support services to those who are going through, or have been through, the regional neurosciences centre at Hope hospital. Some of BASIC's services are available locally at the...
  • Bathing Solutions Ltd

    Bathings Solutions supplies and installs bathing products suitable for those having difficulty in using their existing bath or shower. There is a range of options available.
  • Batten Disease Family Association

    The principal aim of the Batten Disease Family Association (BDFA) is that no family will go through the devastating journey of Batten disease alone. The BDFA's vision is to bring light to Batten disease by being the central point of excellence in the UK for supporting affected families and to...
  • Battle Against Tranquillisers

    BAT is a non-profit-making organisation working to lessen the harm caused by benzodiazepine and similar tranquillisers and sleeping pills. It has the following aims: • To help those who are addicted to benzodiazepines (and similar) and who wish to withdraw from them, to do so as comfortably as...
  • BAWSO - Black Association of Women Step Out

    Established in 1995 BAWSO is an all Wales, voluntary organisation, providing specialist holistic services to black and minority ethnic women and children, who are, or are about to be made homeless through a threat of domestic abuse, suffering or fleeing domestic abuse in Wales. It is affiliated to...
  • BCDOP (British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association)

    Supports groups of disabled people and campaigns for their rights.
  • BCNC - Benzodiazepines Co-operation Not Compensation

    The aims of the group are: • To achieve a situation where no medical practitioner supplies a new patient with benzodiazepines or "Z" drugs (tranquilliser or sleeping pill), for a longer period of time than the two to four weeks as recommended by the Committee on the Safety of Medicines. This...
  • BEAMA Foundation for Disabled People

    The Beama Foundation for Disabled People was established by the Federation of British Electro-Technical and Allied Manufacturers' Associations and the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (RADAR). The object of the Foundation is to assist disabled people through the provision of...
  • beat

    Information and help on all aspects of eating disorders, including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, binge eating disorder and related eating disorders. beat is the organisation that campaigns, that challenges the stigma people with eating disorders face, and that gives people the help and...
  • Beating Bowel Cancer

    Beating Bowel Cancer is a national charity for those affected by bowel cancer. We are dedicated to raising awareness of the symptoms to promote early diagnosis and ultimately save lives from this disease. Beating Bowel Cancer provides essential support services to bowel cancer patients and...
  • Beaumont Trust

    Educational charity providing information on gender related issues.
  • Bechwith-Wiedemann Support Group

    Support for parents, information and advice. Encourages medical research. Sae please
  • Beckwith-Wiedemann Support Group

    We provide information and support for parents of children with Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome.
  • Beckwith-Wiedemann Support Group UK

    The BWS support group was started in 1990 in order to share problems and promote both public and professional awareness of BWS and to support and encourage research. The group has links with BWS groups in America and Holland. It publishes a newsletter and information sheets.
  • Bees

    Advice on exstrophy, epispadias and ectopia vesicae.
  • Behcets Syndrome Society

    UK patient support group. Registered charity. Run entirely by volunteers. Founded in 1983.
  • Bell's Palsy Association

    The Bell's Palsy Association is a UK registered charity established to provide help and information to sufferers of this condition.
  • Ben Hardwick Fund

    The Ben Hardwick Fund helps children with primary liver disease, like Ben Hardwick. The charity helps with a contribution towards the costs associated with the child's disease such as travel costs to and from hospital for the family and in-hospital expenses during lengthy stays such as those...
  • Bendrigg Trust

    The Bendrigg Trust is a residential activity centre which runs outdoor education courses and holidays for young people with special needs. Located in countryside between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, the Centre has two accommodation units set in 15 acres of grounds. Groups come to the...
  • Benefit Enquiry Line

    The Benefit Enquiry Line (BEL) is a benefits helpline for people with disabilities, carers and representatives. BEL is part of the Department for Work and Pensions. They offer confidential advice and information on benefits and how to claim them. In addition to giving advice they are also able to...