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Self Help Groups

  • Breast Cancer Haven

    Being diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing treatment affects a patient both physically and emotionally. Breast Cancer Haven offers a free programme of care to support patients and their families during this time. Staffed by a specialist team, Havens are welcoming day centres providing...
  • Breast Cancer Website for husbands

    Website of advice and support for husbands of cancer patients.
  • Breast Care and Mastectomy Association of Great Britain

  • Breast Implant Information Society - BIIS

    Women who have, or are considering breast implants can obtain a wealth of literature and first hand advice from The Breast Implant Information Society (BIIS). The BIIS is the only organisation of its kind, dedicated to providing independent, comprehensive and up to date information on breast...
  • Breast Implants Support Group

    Support Group for women who have breast impants, what can go wrong, who can help, are breast implants safe?, effects on children of implanted women, mammography and Breast Implants and regulatory requirements for breast implants. So if need support, join our self help group.
  • Breastfeeding Network

    The Breastfeeding Network aims to be an independent source of support and information for breastfeeding women and others. It also aims to develop an increased awareness of current research on infant feeding and work towards creating a society which affirms the right of all women to breastfeed their...
  • Breathe On UK

    Breathe On UK is a charity that aims to help parents and families whenever a child of any age becomes unable to breathe adequately and requires help, in addition to all the other problems of illness or effects from injury there may be. The National Health Service does have special units for...
  • Bristol Cancer Help Centre

    Offers a healing programme that deals with the whole person and is complementary to medical treatment.
  • Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine

    The Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine's website provides information for anyone in the UK interested in reproductive medicine. Information is included on the Centre, support groups - including links to other organisations, information on the following fertility issues. Basic fertility...
  • Bristol Crisis Service for Women

    The Bristol Crisis Service for Women is a national charity that offers support to women and girls, with a particular focus on self-injury, (often called self-harm). We provide support through their confidential helpline, text and email services. We provide training to people working with...
  • Bristol Tissue Co-ordination Service

    The Bristol Tissue Co-ordination Service (BTCS) is a regional service providing information to bereaved families, health care professionals and the general public with regards to all aspects of tissue donation and transplantation. The service is a 24 hour on call service which covers the South...
  • British Acoustic Neuroma Association

    Support for people affected by acoustic neuroma.
  • British Acupuncture Association

  • British Acupuncture Council

    Free practitioner lists by phone, e mail or on the web site www.acupuncture.org.uk
  • British Amputee & les Autres Sports Association

    BALASA's aim is to provide sporting opportunities for people with disabilities, particularly for those people who are involved in competitive sport and who are entitled to compete for Great Britain under the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports (IWAS) rules and classification...
  • British and Irish Orthoptic Society

    This is a professional society. However, their website gives some useful information aimed at patients such as information about: orthoptics; refractive errors such as long sight and short sight; squint; lazy eye (amblyopia); double vision (diplopia).
  • British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF)

    BAAF is the leading UK-wide membership organisation for anyone concerned with adoption, fostering and child care issues. BAAF campaigns nationally and locally for changes to policy and practice to improve the lives of children in the care system; runs training, seminars and conferences tackling...
  • British Association for Early Childhood Education

    The British Association for Early Childhood Education, founded in 1923, is known as Early Education. It is a voluntary organisation for early years practitioners and parents with members and branches in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Early Education promotes the right of all...
  • British Association for Performing Arts Medicine

    The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine is a unique charity delivering specialist health support to performing artists. They run free, confidential health assessment clinics for professional, semi-professional and student performing artists. Clinics are provided by leading...
  • British Association for Sexual and Relationship Therapy (BASRT)

    National Association for Sexual and Relationship Therapists. Psychotherapy and lists of accredited therapists, supervisors and training courses.
  • British Association for the Hard of Hearing

  • British Association of Cancer United Patients

    Helps cancer patients, their families and friends to live with cancer.
  • British Association of Counselling (BACS)

    List of qualified practitioners and advice about low-cost scheme for counselling.
  • British Association of Dermatologists

    The British Association of Dermatologists is primarily a professional organisation involved in research and education for dermatologists (skin specialists). Their website, address above, does include information for patients on the following skin conditions. These are also available as leaflets and...
  • British Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

    This is a professional organisation for surgeons. However, their website provides lots of information designed for the general public in the 'patients' section. It gives details of various treatments and operations performed by oral and maxillofacial (mouth, face and jaw) surgeons. For example it...
  • British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

    The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) is a professional association for plastic surgeons. However, their website includes information on plastic surgery for the general public and patients. There is a section for patients on charities and patient support...
  • British Association of Psychotherapists

    Offers training in adult and child psychotherapy and lists qualified practitioners.
  • British Association of Skin Camouflage

    The British Association of Skin Camouflage (BASC) was formed in 1986 by Joyce Allsworth as a result of the realisation to promote, support or further the remedial techniques of camouflage for the relief of those who need to be restored to confidence in a normal appearance and thereby to help...
  • British Association of Teachers of the Deaf

    The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf is a professional organisation offering services to its members. However, the above website does include information which may be of interest to parents and the general public.
  • British Association/College of Occupational Therapists

    The British Association/College of Occupational Therapists website has 2 broad aims: To provide information and guidance for our members to help them stay at the leading edge of modern practice and deliver high quality occupational therapy services. To provide information about the profession,...
  • British Autogenic Society

    Autogenic therapy is a self-help method which brings relief from the negative effects of stress. 'Autogenic' means 'generated from within'. The technique can be used to provide a non-drug approach for many problems or used to support or enhance progress in other therapies. Autogenic therapy...
  • British Blind Sport : BBS

    British Blind Sport is an organisation concerned with sporting activity for the visually impaired. It is an umbrella organisation for a range of committees which deal with specific sports. Contact the above number for a contact person in the sport of your choice who may be able to give details of...
  • British Brain Tumour Association

    The British Brain Tumour Association (BBTA) is a charity formed in 1993 by Roy Grainger in honour of his daughter who died as result of a brain tumour. The BBTA's aims are as follows: To provide information to help patients and families who are suffering from the effects of a brain or spinal...
  • British Cardiac Patients Association

    Offering help, support advice and information to those suffering from coronary heart disease or wanting to prevent it
  • British Cardiac Patients Association (Zipper Club)

    Support and practical advice, local groups and Helpline
  • British Chiropractic Association

  • British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy

  • British Computer Association of the Blind

    The British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB) is a self-help group of visually impaired computer professionals and users and was founded in 1969. The website includes the BCAB brochure with information on its aims and objectives, its services, the annual subscription and how you can become a...
  • British Computer Society Disability Group

    Promotes the use of IT to help people with all disabilities. Journal and local groups.
  • British Deaf Association

  • British Deaf Sports Council

    Encourages indoor/outdoor sport at a regional and national level
  • British Dental Association

    The British Dental Association (BDA) is a professional association for dentists. However, a section on their website called 'bdasmile' - www.bdasmile.org - includes lots of information aimed at the general public about dentistry, various dental and oral problems, and dental procedures.
  • British Dental Health Foundation

  • British Diabetic Association

    Offers advice about diabetes care, diet, family weekends, holidays for children, and literature on all aspects of diabetes.
  • British Disabled Angling Association

    The British Disabled Angling Association (BDAA) was founded to help develop opportunities for people with disabilities to access the activity of fishing in the UK. The BDAA want to inform people how accessible angling is becoming; an activity which has no discrimination regardless of your...
  • British Disabled Water Ski Association

    The British Disabled Water Ski Association's (BDWSA's) aim is to introduce newcomers to the sport who, due to their disability, would not have considered the challenge previously possible. People who are blind, deaf, sufferers of partial paralysis, paraplegic, other wheelchair users, and people...
  • British Doctors and Dentists Group

    The British Doctors and Dentists Group have local groups in most regions of the UK and a group in Eire. These self-help groups offer support and advice to doctors recovering from alcohol or drug dependency
  • British Dyslexia Association

    BDA offers advice, helpline, publications for parents, teachers and other adults. Lobbies for improvement in education and support for the dyslexic community. Encourages research.
  • British Ethnic Health Awareness Foundation

    We provide latest healthcare information in book format(currently in English & Urdu only) but we also provide free general health advice in Urdu, English & Punjabi on phone. We regularly organise topical health awareness seminars and meetings for raising health awareness in the minority ethnic...
  • British Ex-Services Wheelchair Sports Association

    British Ex-Services Wheelchair Sports Association operates throughout the UK and in Germany working to rehabilitate and re-integrate disabled ex-service men and women through the participation of sport and sports medicine
  • British False Memory Society

    Formed in 1993 to raise awareness of dangers of 'recovered memory therapy' which was giving rise to an epidemic of decades-delayed, uncorroborated allegations of childhood sexual abuse by adults against parents. Comprehensive archive on damage to patients and families as a result of false...
  • British Fluoridation Society

    Promotes water fluoridation to improve dental health and reduce dental health inequalities. Provides information and support to individuals and organisations on water fluoridation and dental health.
  • British Gas - Services for Special Needs Customers

    British Gas has a team of Home Energy Advisers who are trained to respond to the needs of older, disabled or chronically sick customers. Free advice is available on the following topics: Services for special needs customers. This includes the provision of adapters to help those customers who...
  • British Geriatrics Society

    This is the official web site of the British Geriatrics Society (BGS), a specialist medical association. The purpose of the site is to make information available which would be of use to its members, carers, and organisations who might have an interest in geriatric medicine / gerontology or the...
  • British Heart Foundation

    There are almost 300 heart support groups affiliated to the British Heart Foundation throughout England and Wales. Many people with heart problems may find it useful to meet others who have been through similar experiences. Set up and run by heart patients and their carers, activities vary from...
  • British Herbal Medicine Association

  • British Hernia Centre

    The British Hernia Centre is the UK's first specialist Hernia Centre. Having performed hernia repairs by the thousand year after year, the British Hernia Centre is now the leading tension-free specialist hernia centre in the World. The British Hernia Centre deals with all types of hernia...
  • British Holistic Medical Association

    The BHMA is an open association of mainstream healthcare professionals, CAM Practitioners and members of the public who want to adopt a more holistic approach in their own life and work. Please note that we do not endorse, accredit or recommend individual practitioners or organisations.
  • British Homoeopathic Association

    List of practitioners, including postgraduate doctors, and information about homoeopathy.
  • British Hypnotherapy Association

    Help in understanding and resolving your emotional problems, relationship difficulties, psychosexual conditions, phobias, anxiety, from experienced practitioners with at least four years of relevant training.